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Putting My Self Out There

Invitation to Disowning My Mutupo - for Email

So I am having my first Zim solo show next week. Im busy getting frames made and all the admin work that comes with a show. I love the place where I will be showing KooVah Creative Hub & Gallery.  It’s small and fresh.

It’s all going to be 2 D work.  My work in the past couple of years has been very personal, so it might feel weird putting myself out there. Either way, looking forward to all the feedback…positive or negative.

A lot of the work that I have done in the past three years has monkey or baboon imagery in it because my mutupo (roughly translated as family totem in Shona)  is Soko (monkey). I have used primates to personify family issues, difficult circumstances and personal hopes.

Sometimes, in order to understand the present, one has to understand the past.    Who we are now may be rooted in yesterday’s occurrences. Our traits, our character, the happy and the traumatic subtle patterns found in those who bear the same family name.  These can all be off shoots of seeds planted in our pasts. 

It is possible for a person to find themselves facing either favourable or unfavourable consequences of a past. They may not have initially directly involved the individual who now faces their results. Yet, sometimes products of things established by one’s ancestors appear in their lives.

It is essential for us today to decide on what traits, characteristics or patterns we want to cut out or discard from our lives. For example if your great grandfather was an alcoholic, it probably affected the next couple of generations negatively. Understanding your family history will help you to understand your family financial status, challenges and general patterns.  However, there are important decisions you can make to break those destructive patterns in your blood line- you can do this for your sake, and for the sake of future generations.

I once heard a preacher say that some people have ideas and dreams, but the enemy comes like a bird and it perches in their mind and leaves bird droppings there. I found this interesting. You are what you think. What or how you think shapes how you perceive the world. Birds are like thoughts. Controlling your perception and ultimately your destiny.