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Critique at Mbare Studios with Kudzanai Chiurai

Critique at Mbare Studios with Kudzanai Chiurai

So, Kudzanai Chiurai just moved back to Zim after living in Joburg for many many years. What a leap of faith!

Anyway, he is now (naturally) in constant comms with staff at the National Gallery, and as a result, an opportunity came up for him to give our NGSVAD final year students a critique.

He took his time, and spent so much time really pouring out his thoughts to try and challenge and encourage each student. 3 hours later, we were all exhausted but so inspired.

Even I took so much from hearing Kudzai, I will definitely try to apply some of it to my own work…….once I get round to actually doing it. #timechallenges


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