A Zimbabwean Tale of Two African Architects (with vintage images of Bulawayo and Harare)

Steppes in Sync

by Andy Kozlov

Once upon a time, a ride in a CBD-bound kombi in Harare introduced me to an earworm Shona song. I had no idea about the exact meaning of its lyrics. But the phrase “Joina City” made sense to me. “Interesting,” I made a mental note. “A funky song about one of Zimbabwe’s most recent architectural feats!” (See Zimbabwe on exploration of its kombi aesthetics)

If you study architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa chances are you don’t hear much about your peers on the continent. If you study architecture elsewhere – I bet you don’t look at African architecture at all.

Okay. This is an overstatement made by somebody who is neither an architect nor an African (But who decides about the latter?) The point remains the same: African creative industries are being overlooked, as a rule of thumb. And architecture is no exception.

For those of…

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3 thoughts on “A Zimbabwean Tale of Two African Architects (with vintage images of Bulawayo and Harare)

    1. Thanks so much! I really like the article. I am currently planning an exhibition on Design in Zimbabwe, and wanted to see if the Shona (African) Kitchen – (it’s architecture) would be a good starting point for a concept. I learnt alot from reading your post. In terms of Bulawayo and film making, perhaps I could put you in touch with our Curator at the Bulawayo National Gallery, Clifford Zulu. I am sure he could be open to collaborations, or at the very least connect you with local film makers with similar interests. I will check out your discopafrica site now. 🙂

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