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A Quarter Century Old…..well almost

Nearing a Quarter Century Years Old

The year is rolling to a close and 2013 is about to spring fourth with new possibilities and responsibilities. This ultimately means that I will be turning 25 very soon. I am not anxious. I don’t get sleepless nights because of it, but I am concerned and want to make sure that I achieve all that I need to by the time I am 25. If I live until the age of 100, then I am one quarter of the way there. I pray for a long, healthy and prosperous life ahead of me.

So why is being 25 such a big deal to me and so many others in my personal social circle? Why does it sometimes feel daunting and why is there so much pressure to accomplish specific things before one arrives at 25?

Do I have good foundation?

A house without a strong foundation cannot stand. Hence a person without a strong foundation will fail to overcome many of life’s common challenges and will find it difficult to prosper in health, spirit and soul. I think that between the ages of one and 25, is when one’s foundation is formed. Your character has been formed, your general world view has been cemented and you have identified major gifts and talents. I have made choices about belief systems, college majors and career paths and now have to deal with negative or positive consequences of those choices. So to me, 25 is an age from which you build up from where ever you are. You launch out, grab the bull by the horns and do whatever it is you think you were called to do. Hence, at 24 (right now for me) one is supposed to examine the foundation and patch up any areas that need maintenance. In other words, I am at a stage in my life where I need to tie up loose ends, create a strategic life plan and think about practical ways to build up.   If difficult experiences and situations have weakened my foundation, then I need to deal with them now so that the next quarter century will not have delays and setbacks that come from bitterness and brokenness.

Looking Forward

As a teenager, I always told myself that I would not get married before I was 25. Right now, there is no ring on my finger.  There are some things in life that you cannot plan or determine only time will tell. Though I don’t believe that there is a perfect age to tie the knot, and don’t agree with the unnecessary pressure put on Zimbabwean women to marry before 30; I realize that being 25 comes with a lot of expectations. It means that aunts during family gatherings, and ‘mothers’ at church will now start to pull me aside and ask if there is ‘someone’. If the answer is no, they may start to be concerned, offer me consolation, verses on patience or give me unsolicited advice.  If I don’t settle between 25 and 30, society will scrutinize me and accuse me of being too picky, too driven, too mouthy or too anything to explain that social phenomenon. I don’t know what will happen in the next 6 years, however, I promise myself to not bow to unconstructive social/cultural pressure.  I promise myself to make decisions based on faith and to keep growing into a better version of myself whether or not there is a ring on my finger.

Am I in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing?

Some of the most successful people I look up to gained their success around the age of 25. They struck gold at 25! This enabled them to be highly influential in their late 20s and beyond. I feel a strong desire to strike while the iron is hot, to emerge, to launch, to construct. Now is the time to put all of my life, business, career plans into action. If I don’t do so now, I may be 40 and be filled with major regrets. Hence, moving towards 25 is sometimes daunting because there is a strong desire to make the right decisions or risk a decade long setback. So I am constantly asking myself, is my current job propelling me to the place I want to be a couple of years from now? How can I ensure that I have multiple streams of income? How can I keep exposing myself to things that will force me to grow? What else should I be doing to ensure success?

Life with Margins

Man makes plans, but God determines what comes from those plans. I know that divergence can occur and life can unfold in ways that one could have never fathomed. I will uphold a vision and pursue my goals. However, I will also have faith in that if I take the wrong path, God will find me and steer me back on track.