“We don’t always have to be working in some way to justify our existence on earth”-Joyce Meyer

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and for the first time in what feels like forever, I came home early. The house has been peacefully quiet (which is rare), except for a couple of cats that keep circling my feet, waiting for me to sit down so they can find a comfortable spot next to me. All week, I knew that I wanted to rest and take time to think, plan or be creative. With a couple of new shows at the gallery, I felt like life had been rather frantic, and I really needed some space to breath. However, for some funny reason, as soon I came home, I subconsciously went into a mini panic. I found myself sitting, and then starting to take a stroll in the garden, then picking up something to clean before switching the TV on and off. Though these tasks were all started, none of them were completed. I was frustrated that I didn’t know what to do with this unexpected free time I had been craving. So I eventually sat down in the sun, and realized that for some reason I had forgotten how to really rest. Even stranger, I actually felt guilty for having so much free time and not filling it up with work.

Now we all know that, it is fashionable for people to say that they are busy. Busy has become an acceptable way of making excuses for not sacrificing time for others and for ourselves. Even sadder, is that being busy is a way in which people in our society find self worth. The busier you are, the more admirable you are. Everyone wants you to become a multitasking maniac! But what expense are we really paying for not taking breaks or resting. I think we risk losing key relationships and not being able to give 100% to our careers. Besides that, it inevitably shortens your life span because of the ever increasing stress. I get it, there are seasons in life were you are overwhelmed and you really cannot escape certain pressures. It maybe work, school or family related, and there is no choice but to just keep pushing harder. However, I think more often than not we purposefully overlook rest and undermine guilt free random pauses. I don’t think seasons of stress should ever grow turn into unending cycles of ‘busy-ness’.

The best thing I can do for my co workers is relax today, so that tomorrow I am fresh and energetic. This way, I will probably not be grumpy, and will not overreact at the slightest challenges. I am doing my family a favour by taking this break, I won’t be so worn out (like I have been the past two weeks) that I fail to listen and create valuable memories. That is why I am currently in bed reading this Sunday afternoon, with my hot water bottle, a cup of tea and a Joyce Meyer book . It still feels strange to me, but I know that it really is okay for me to just rest right now.

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