Yay For Creativity!

SO it’s ON!

I am aggressively pursuing the things I love and am good at. It is official! This past weekend I actually, finally went to the Harare Poly and ended up working with a bunch of students. This was all thanks to Masimba Hwati who I have been bugging to allow me to do this. This is what I made…work in progress…..i think it should protrude from a wall. It was completely intuitive and I started of by making the base of a vessel using the coiling method.

Working in clay, made me miss my professor Amy Hauber, I can’t help but remember the crazy conversations we used to have as we built things out of clay in the basement of the arts building.

The students I met are awesome. Super creative. They will challenge me! By next week, I should also have stretched canvas! Super excited! They use anything and everything they have (and they don’t have a lot!) to make amazing work!



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