We really actually just Fear Success!

(Written 2 weeks ago)


At cell group today, Barry said that, “Most people fear success  fear.” That got me thinking a lot.

We fear success because it requires us to break away from our comfort zone. It requires us to take a leap of faith and do something different, something that might fail and that frightens us.

As he said this, I immediately started thinking about my own life and my 2012 accomplishments. It’s June and I haven’t managed to be as creative as I would have liked to thus far. I started making cards and even got a a logo designed, but I have not been able to market myself.

I am capable of creating thought provoking striking work, but I have not managed to complete anything or tackle an art project head on.

I have been thinking about fashion design and have talked about it, but have not pushed myself enough to design and produce anything beyond my few skirts.

I installed software in my computer to enable myself to make digital art, but have done nothing so far.

I feel like I need to tap into the gifts God has give me and push myself….that is what faith is all about.

That explains why in this past hour, I made a small painting, painted in my art journal, wrote down an idea for a big painting, designed a dress and entered this blog entry…

From now on…no more excuses!


2 thoughts on “We really actually just Fear Success!

  1. I sometimes feel the same way. Sometimes I just pick myself up, shake myself and force myself to get to work. And then I get stuff done. 🙂 Easy to say, hard to actually do it.

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