Final reflection

A. Within the context of this course, and including creativity, creative problem solving, and innovative thinking, all things that I continually stress:

1. what questions should you be asking yourself when undertaking creative endeavors?

I should be asking myself which other artists have tackled similar themes and techniques in creating their work. I have recently found that looking at other people’s work really helps me to think outside the box. For example, if I want to make a narrative video about a particular subject, I will research artists who have made narratives using various types of media. I will try and research the subject that I am interested in so that I gain a fresh perspective on the topic.

I should also be asking myself, what are the most important values that I uphold, what do I find interesting about humanity, what is the current reality, what is the common denominator between present and past?  All of these questions help me to come up with ideas that are meaningful to me, yet enable others to relate to my experiences or ideas.

I should also ask myself, how can I express this idea in a new way? This will enable me to make work that is not cliche.

2. what questions should I be (have been) asking you? Or future teachers/learners/collaborators?

I think future teachers/learners/collaborators should ask the following questions, how can I teach you how to find ideas yet understand the skills and technology of the programs/media we are using? How can I motivate you to learn, be engaged, feel respected and be driven. How can we find the happy medium between setting firm boundaries in terms of grades, deadlines and flexibility depending on your creative process? How can we communicate in an honest way about goals, expectations and consequences for meeting course requirements.

B. Did you complete all of the assignments/projects and blog posts? If not, why not?

Yes, I completed everything. I finished every project, I had blog posts about assignments and other things that were not required for the course.

C. Assign yourself a grade based on the breakdown below/ DEFEND YOUR PROPOSED GRADE.

I am considering giving myself a 4.0 but not sure, I think I  need to discuss this with Amy. I think I worked hard this semester and completed my work on time all the time except for once. I am proud of a lot of the work that  I produced. In the video work, I really pushed myself, and got into acting and being vulnerable in front of the camera….

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