I really like the idea of telling a story! I like telling stories that are becoming forgotten or that have a special significance to me. I noticed this after I completed my personal narrative video.  I also like to give animal characters human features and vice verser. This is because when I heard stories about Baboons and hares, I always imagined them with human like features. This comes from exploring Zimbabwean sculpure, especially sculpture from the 60s. They are so beautiful yet bizarre, humorous and serious at the same time.

So  this video is an exploration of Shona folklore which is part of my oral history. I think that oral history is dying, and that is why I decided to retell this story and document it in this way. Some of the stories in Shona folklore are really bizarre, and when you compare them to disney stories, they seem really brutal and intense.  They don’t have the same, “and they lived happily ever after” ending. There is always a big consequence for violating social norms and values. There is no completely evil nor completely good character. The baboon is usually dim witted, but he is the elder and ought to be respected. Hare is sly and cunning and he is often the nephew of the baboon.  If they die in one narrative, they live in another, so maybe it’s not so sad.

In this story, Hare and Baboon are hungry so they think that cooking each other and taking turns to eat one another will solve their hunger problems. However, Hare manages to trick baboon and the only one who gets to eat is Baboon. You loose something, maybe humor, when the story is translated into English. Shona  is sometimes more expressive.   I found many versions of this story, in this one Hare makes music, in other stories, Hare does other things at the end of the story.

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