What is a hero?

I have always grown up thinking that my dad is a hero. Even during my rebellious stages as a 15 year old, I always looked up to my dad and esteemed him for all that he has done. To me, my dad might as well be Nelson Mandela. They both served hefty sentences because of their political views and struggle for human rights. They both came out of that experience with enlightened views of the world and they both forgave their oppressors.

Little boys like to play with plastic super heroes. They get so excited about each new action figure and treat it like its a treasure.

I have grown to know that there is no such thing as a perfect hero. My dad has never been perfect and he has made some mistakes through out his life. A plastic action figure can break, get lost in the garden, or loose a limb. In the same way, real life heroes like my dad are fragile. Their health can affect them in negative ways.

My idea is to highlight heroism, and to show the fragility that every real life hero has. I also want to show how the concept of heroism is very personal. Each little boy is personally attached to his action figures. His life revolves around those figures in ways that the boy’s siblings, parents or friends may not fully understand. In the same way, my dad is just another ordinary man to people around me. He may only be a hero in my eyes alone. That is totally fine. I want to hightlight this too. I have already began playing around with imagery of action figures and the like.


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