ZIZEK-“The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema.”

Zizek has some really interesting ideas.He talks about Freud’s theory about the different parts of our thinking, including ego, id and superego.  Throughout part one, he trys to convince the audience that we can see part of Freud’s theory in many films. Zizek also talks about ‘our double’. By referencing different films old and new, he suggests that cinema plays on this idea and that we there are two parts to human beings, the socially polite-controlled one and the other one which embodies our true primordial lusts.  This other is portrayed as childish, sexual, mute, energetic, chaos and violence in different films.

Since I don’t agree with Freud, I disagree with Zizek. In fact, I don’t really have much respect for him as a philosopher. I am yet to see a strong argument that he makes the can be applied to all films. His arguments seem very specific to specific films- what about throwing in some general ideas that can be seen in a wider spectrum.

In terms of how this relates to class, I think this film is another reminder about the following:

  • media can be manipulated and manipulative
  • we should pay attention to the techniques that are used in film so that we can make more creative work.
  • We should question mainstream media.

I hope the next parts of this film will be more convincing.


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