The Film- Manufacturing Consent

This was another film in which exposed how media is politicized and used to manipulate public opinion in the USA. I learnt alot about Mr. Chomsky and his advocacy for free press. Through out the film we learn about how the American public is initially very trusting of news sources that are presented to them. This allows the government to ignore atrocities in countries like East Timor by covering the events there in a limited way. Hence, the US public does not question foreign policy, or the lack there of. Chomsky bravely faced much opposition to his theories and efforts to liberate media. In some of the interviews that are included in the film, he is made to look like a complete fool- after all everything in the NY Times is entirely true to the US public.

By the end of this 3 hour documentary, we see a celebrated Chomsky who has a steady support group of independent journalists an ordinary citizens. Indeed he makes a positive impact in the world.

However, at some points in the documentary, he sounded like such an anarchist. I really don’t think that that he can have faith in any form of government, and I disagree with him on this one.

In terms of changing my perspective in a drastic way- it didn’t. After watching films like the Century of Self, I am aware of the fact that one needs to rely on more than one media source, especially if it is run by a government.

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