Notes on Capturing Reality

Documentary does not have a fixed definition

It can be an emotional experience

Eurika moment: when you finally have something to say-(this American life kid politics..)

Find out what you are really interested in

The people you interview, how engaging will they be to the audience, how are they fascinating to you…

It’s okay if everything is not predictable

People want to talk to camera’s usually, people say things on camera that they wouldn’t say to their loved ones

What is the relationship between people behind and in front of the camera–the audience wants to know

Choose people you can relate to and trust, introduce yourself so the interviewee understands you

Cinema= transforming a life experience

Interview is an exchange of life—> conversations?

Don’t let people prepare for presentation, capture him as he is….

eye contact can be powerful, if people are somehow looking directly at you

Is truth relative?

Don’t trap people, if they say something they don’t mean, then don’t put it in the film

Can you film people from another country with out a dangerous bias? Westerners in developing countries

Protect the subject you are filming

People in power don’t like to be filmed… have to really be patient with them.

Sound can help to recreate an atmosphere, its the heart beat of the film

People need a human character to relate to


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