My notes:Interesting things from the Documentary- Capturing Reality

Malcolme Clark
  • Words can get in the way, if they have power they need space and room to breath
  • Write to fill the gaps, don’t write the film
  • let images do the talking, only use words if you must

Netty Wild

  • Narration can be a good thing too, that is okay too
  • Don’t torture your interviewees simply because you need to hear them say something
  • Narration is like Haiku.

Sabah Sumar

  • documentary creates a connection between viewer and viewed

Catherine Martin

  • You find your film in editing.

Jessica Yu

  • You must have powerful imagery

Scott Hicks

  • Most important research is on the ground, arriving where you will be filming and meeting people, getting a sense of what is going on around you. Look for individuals who are going to tell their story, they may be secretive


  • It’s nice to see a dilemma, things are not always black and white

Humans need to talk, born to babble

Film people in their natural environment, be true to who they are…don’t move their couch.

visual structure has to emerge organically, don’t use visual scenes as back up

Sound can come as you film, not just when  you edit

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