Another Narrative…and its OPEN!!

Our next assignment is another narrative. It is totally open. This means that we can say what ever we want to say, in what ever way that we want to say it. I can choose to narrate one small incident that happened in Junior school, or I can tell my life story. The goal is not to make people cry, but it is to engage them and share something with them.

So what am I going to do?!? No lo so!

Well, here are some narrative videos I like.

P.S I vow to stay away from politics or anything depressing for this project!

Okay this is so depressing…but I like the idea of using a song and a puppet.

Okay, this is okay…i like the sound of action against the still images…It’s kinda boring actually…

You can tell a story of a place in so many ways


  • Best moments of my childhood.
  • Privilege

Sometimes random memories come into my mind. For example My 3rd grade teacher Mrs Fogarty getting annoyed with the way Fadzai said “he-h” instead of “hair” with a British accent.

-Maybe I could make a narrative about accents. It’s always strange going home after being in the USA for so long. Everyone’s accents seem strange. Stereotypes. Comments about my English. Funny moment about what my friends think my language sounds like to them. Leila, “Shona sounds like someone climbed a roof and started dropping pumpkin onto the ground…”

-I could record everyone saying the word, “Hair” I will get friends from Kenya, Zimbabwe, America, Bosnia and other places….

hmm…it would be interesting..

Or when I cut Laura Sherry’s hair in 2nd Grade.

I used to believe that if I swallowed a seed a tree would grow in my stomach.- I can collect hundreds of pictures of baobab trees and do something with them.

Pictures!! I have hundreds of pictures from Europe. Getting lost in Italy?

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