Reanact a scene….

• Reenact a scene from a film that made someone cry or laugh or something…

• Reenact an historic text

• Reenact an Oscar acceptance speech, miss teen America interview

• Reenact a news interview / a news item / a historic moment

• Reenact the moment before a crime (get crime info from news blotter, etc,)

• Reenact an event from your childhood, from your relatives childhood, etc.

Ideas so far…

Okay, so I have been thinking a little bit more about this. I am relieved to know that a successful piece (in terms of the assignment) does not necessarily have to be goofy or super silly. Well at least, that is not the goal….phew! Now I feel like I can be way more creative, even if I end up including some silly elements.


  • What if I reenacted an interview, but was silent on specific words….
    • Who do I like listening to and what can I do with their characters? Dear old Larry King, I love Oprah, Tyra is okay. I like how all three of them are all very genuine and act like real people. It never feels like what they say is scripted…..
  • what if I reenacted a leaders speech, well part of it and repeated a phrase the number of years he has been in power…but which one?
  • 1.50

or it can be positive. Instead of putting down someone, you can praise their work for humanity..

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