Mini Goals

I am loving working in alabaster. It is a slow but fruitful process. So far a face is emerging from one of the three pieces of stone I will be carving in the next couple of months. Pictures are below.

Even though I love working in stones, there are moments when I am tired or don’t feel too inspired, but know that I must continue working. To avoid wasting time and staying creative, my goal is to make one thing out of clay every time that I go into the studio. So far I am thinking of pots, or cells  or something that can be made fast. I am also working on two big clay pots/ artifacts. I want to create something contemporary yet echoes the ancient world.

I will soon also be casting. YES! Casting. I want to create at least three torsos and incise marks into them, as inspired by the women in Mozambique.

I had put Walter Benjamin on the side, however, it’s time to pick him up again. In the past 2 weeks I have seen at least 4 sources reference him. Also, my paints have arrived, Yipee….

So much work to do….

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