How we learn…

In this video I am trying to argue for more effective ways of learning in college. I am basically trying to say that students learn better when they are part of small discussion groups, when they get a chance to lead and when they are introduced to diverse students, diverse professors and read about diverse materials.

I didn’t want to use people, because that is kind of cliche, and I don’t want it to be silly. With that said, I do feel a little silly using pens, markers and other types of stationary to say what I want to say. I am definitely stretching myself and coming out of my comfort zone. How can we creatively communicate an idea without using words, written nor spoken?

Perhaps I can add a few captions in the video, but I just don’t want it to be redundant.

anyway this is really just a draft.

  • I might change the music to Kanye West’s song, All Falls Down. At least only in the beginning.
  • I also need to fix the end of the video, it ends very abruptly…

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