New Semester: Analyzing the Art of Digital Story-telling.

Storytelling is import because it empowers to document important events and memories in a way that can inspire other people. It benefits both the author and the audience. The author is able to reconstruct something like an experience and perhaps in doing so, can find understand and deeper meaning in what ever it is that they are saying. For the audience, we learn something new; a fresh perspective, a new idea,  new way of thinking. We walk in someone else’s shows for a moment, and this can be entertaining.

The audience varies depending on genre and many other factors. For me personally, my main audience is friends and family, but perhaps this will expand to more people as I continue to document my life in new ways. The audience may be people whose attention I want to get or just people who have similar interests. Just as with a painting or sculpture, the audience is general and cannot be pinned down to on sort of person.

Digital stories can sometimes become alienating in my opinion. If something is too sad and depressing it might stir up traumatic memories for someone; or people may not know how to relate to it. As a result they back off from watching the story and find something that is more relevant to their lives. This is also true the other way round. If something is too silly, or humorous in a strange way, people may not be able to relate to it. Since we are all different, we are all likely to relate to one thing and maybe not the other.

One may ask, “When are stories too manipulative?”  I am not sure. To begin with what is manipulation? If it means that I want to get you to think a certain way using very powerful imagery and language, then I have to ask myself what is not too manipulative. It depends on so many factors and this is different for everyone. Does one agree with the main goal of the author/director/photographer? Can a line be drawn, if so how? Perhaps this is something society as a whole can continuously dissect, especially when it comes to main stream media.

Story telling is a response to anything and everything. It’s empowering people to voice themselves creatively. Their story may or may not matter to you, but perhaps it will matter to someone else.

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