Family Interviews: Babamunini Chigudu

Babamunini Chigudu was really interesting to interview. We call him Babamunini which literally means “little father” and generally means Father’s younger brother.  As one of my dad’s closest friends we have always seen him as an uncle.

In terms of the actual interview, he was the hardest to get in touch with. He lives on a farm out of town and is always busy. Between him, my dad and Mr Mberi, I would say that he has been involved in politics the longest and it is a part of of day to day life.

He was so thrilled that I was doing this project and sacrificed time to come and see me. The interview is mostly video. However on the day that I interviewed him there was no power at home and everthing needed to be recharged. The video camera only lasted 40mins, then we moved onto the voice recorder, and then my digital camera.By then it was dark.  Immediately after this, he dashed out and started his 3 hour journey back home.

The most significant things I learnt through this is the closeness of his relationship with my dad. They have been best friends since 1964 where they met in Tanzania during training. Chigudu was the youngest in the platoon and my looked after him like a little brother. They slept side by side. At some point while training in Korea, Babamunini caught a contagious disease and had to be quarantined. As the rest of the platoon left him in Korea, he felt abandoned and lonely. My dad is the only one who cried and took pity on him.

Later in jail they were in some of the same prisons.

He is such an animated person, I can’t wait to upload his video.

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