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My Thoughts on the film: LIFE. SUPPORT. MUSIC.

Here is the trailer.

Soooo good, really touching and powerful! The beginning was beautiful with the small squares of his family and friends talking. It got the viewers interested immediately because we all wanted to know what was happening, and it was so nice to get different angles of the story. Very very powerful!

It was really effective to have a home video of him in the beginning. This is because it made us wonder if he would live to 2024 through out the whole movie. We were able to empathize with the family in the film because they were being so open and honest through out the whole movie. I loved the element of anticipation the director created, because until the end, no body knew if Jason would live.

Things I noticed:

  • The Doctors all spoke against a white, bright background
  • The wife was usually shot in close up
  • the child was always happy and playing, never crying or anything
  • None of the family’s negative issues were exposed
  • The professional musicians were filmed in professional places or with shoulders , not close up
  • the film was very chronological

wow…How could anyone ever vote for the right or euthanasia after watching something like this…

also, how can anyone ever doubt that there is a God….