and here is the video…

My final project, (the video above and the stills below) is about being aware of horrific atrocities that are happening in different parts of the world. In the video I focus on women in Congo, but really you can apply the stills I made to many global issues. I wanted to create a sense of ambiguity by coll-aging human forms and animal heads. People are sometimes treated like animals, and we have become so used to this, that we distance ourselves and find it normal. This is also a reflection on the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs who made homes, and were attacked by the wolf.

Taking the digital media course has made me realize that there are many effective ways to cause an awareness about global issue. The texts that we read showed me the extent in which digital media influences our daily lives in both positive and negative ways. Therefore, my final project is my way of using digital media to make people more aware of mistreatment of women in the DRC.

I guess i am wondering if this is more effective as just the stills?

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