The assignment was:

on Tuesday, I would like for you all to have at minimum:
a series of five deadpan portraits,
unified by their context/content…

I am challenging you all to find a particular “community” of people off campus and to investigate that community via deadpan processes.
In other words, I am asking that you avoid images of your friends, and avoid images taken in your dorm room or other usual on-campus locations.

Here are my images….this was harder than I thought.

The emotion that appears to be expressed here is that of, “hurry up! can’t you see that I am busy?” He is not really like this in real person…lol

Emotion: ? Dunno…

Emotion: I am really a diva…

Emotion: patiently waiting…

Emotion: this is my life…

It’s really hard to come up with emotions for these people, because their faces are emotionless.

Overall the experience was not as satisfying as I expected it to be. I felt disadvantaged because I have never studied photography, so I felt like an amatuer. The good thing is that I didn’t have difficulty finding subjects to photograph. Perhaps this is because I targeted friendly looking people associated with SLU, but not necessarily students. All of them knew that I was a student and some even new me personally. That made my life much easier. With all of the images, I had to take them very quickly as all of the people I took were either in mid conversation, working or trying to feed their children.

I don’t think I did a great job in terms of portraying a context that explained more about the subjects. Perhaps this would have been more interesting if I had chosen people on the street.


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