A Narrative inspired by the color green…sketch stage

Green chisi uniform, green ties, green movement green machine kirk, salmon, mutiti chiware friends green with envey green christmas, green grass, green trees, green chamelion, green bomber, green bill, looking for green

Green christmas,

We grew up in a world where green was the color of fun. Ever since I could remember, my little sister and I would loose track of time as we  played in the garden. Our garden was our paradise, a place where imaginary characters came alive. It was a magical place in which we constructed secret forts. In these forts we became part of Enid Blyton’s  famous five on an adventure in between the spiky citrus trees that carried little lime green lemons and gnarled vines.  We played hide and go seek , a game that would take hours when the game was played the way I wanted it to be played. Under my rules, people were allowed hide in some of the trees.

During the seasons in which the sun was the hottest and the rain thirsty grass had turned to golden yellow, we had  grasshopper catching competitions. When the rains finally came during the Christmas seasons, the snails, slugs crept out onto the drive way. We had so much fun pouring salt on them.  On days when we didn’t torture the slugs, we had millipede experiments  that made our mother frown. Since it was holiday time, Tafadzwa, Percy, Vimbai, Sally and Linda- our cousins would often join us in our escapades. I know that this was not always fun for you because I would leave you go off with Percy, sorry she was just better at catching grass hoppers. When the grass was green again it was nice to do cartwheels on the freshly cut grass. The little blades that would be stuck between our toes always found their way into the kitchen floor, much to the maid’s dismay.

Do you remember my pink bike that I got when I was in grade two. You were not a big girl yet, so you rode on a tricycle.  It was so fun to ride around the house and have races with the dogs, Socks and Ginger. The dogs would often get distracted by crows and run wildly after them. We were not allowed to ride on the grass in case it punctured our tires , but we did it anyway.

I loved it when we would monkey up the two  giant mulburry trees that enabled us to peak next door. During mulburry season in July, we often stained our clothes with crimson juice. Because of the green leaves on these trees, our friends from school agreed to give us silkworms that we kept in a box that fed on mulburry leaves. In the winter we loved to go outside to pick the  avocados that had fallen on the ground.  The maid always thought that we were weird for eating our avocados mashed into a juicey green pulp with spoonfuls of sugar.  That and sliced white lobels bread was my favorite breakfast meal.

Sometimes when we ran around the garden, we found green chicken poop. I hated the days when the gardener was not there. That would mean that we would have to take turns to pick up crusted dog poo. I did the front yard, and you did the back yard. Some times I cheated and just covered it with soil and patted it down like dough.

Do you remember when we got yelled at for playing in the garden with our bottle green uniforms after school. I used to hate changing. After school it was always fun to collect flowers and put them in jars for mum, Mrs Chan Jack or for our school teachers the following day.
We were never allowed to watch T.V until 4pm on school days. This was okay, as long as we had our garden to play in.

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