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Digital story telling: A response to a world that lacks listening skills.

One of our current class projects is to make a digital story, and use the color green as our starting point. My narrative is in the previous post if you are interested in reading it. As I have continued to work on my digital story I have started to think about the importance of my audience, who is my audience, what do they want to hear, is what I have to say very interesting. Why is that the most effective stories that I have seen are all very sad and emotional.

I have decided that I want to tell my story because I want to be heard. All of us want to be heard and everyone likes to hear about themselves. Most people in the my world are very very bad listeners. I am sure they are bad in your social world too. Next time you are with a group of friends talking, make note of interruptions, interjections, and see how every person spends time talking about themselves, how they feel, what they think, what they should be doing. Most people are all about me me me me… As a result, many important stories are left unheard.

Digital Storytelling allows me tell the world something that they may otherwise miss if I don’t create this digital story.   I think about what I want to say, and say it in a creative way that will draw people into the story.  Through digital story making, I am not interrupted and my voice is heard. I keep asking myself, “but who cares?” And the answer to that is I don’t really know. I sure did find some really boring stories online. This lead me to conclude that maybe some people write stories for a small small audience, like their family members. Therefore, if I find it boring, it doesn’t matter, as long as their families love it. I think that is how it is with my digital story so far. I thought about writing something sad about childhood memories of me and my dad, fun with my sisters, stories about painful change, revelation, privilege, you name it. However, I decided not to because, in some ways perhaps people are too emotionally numb anyway, and who really really cares? I don’t want to alienate my audience, nor make people sympathize with me. Yet I also don’t want to bore them. I am therefore looking for a balance. If it is too emotionally draining, I will loose my audience. I must therefore try to weave in some emotion, without making people feel bad. I must also try to entertain them and keep them interested for 3mins.

With this said, even though I am creating this story for a class project, the audience who will probably get the most out of my story is my family. In particular my sister.

I hope I am wrong, I hope that my classmates will find it interesting. Sometimes, I am wrong about the work I do. I assume people won’t get it and then they do. I also hope that maybe one day some one will find my video on Youtube and it will remind them about their childhood memories, and that will make their day better, or help them make an important life altering decision. Who knows?