Psywar…my notes in a nutshell

  • Propaganda prominent in USA culture
  • Iraq issues in the media, information warrior , 23 million dollars by CIA for Saddam
  • PR- 2 billion dollar a year industry
  • Former  advertisers, From Uncle Ben to Uncle Sam
  • Invasion of Iraq meticulously planned to be conveyed to the public
  • News companies not really independent, former generals who are now private
  • Everyone believed that a nuclear attack from Saddam was possible. (Media, pentagon, military.)
  • One million dead many suffering
  • Ludlow , CO 19th C America, 13or 14 hour days, kids worked too- miners
  • Rockerfeller -wealthy and powerful, Ludlow massacre
  • 1847, strike uprest  Fed troops tired to stop it and they were killed and hurt
  • Crisis management-the press release
  • R. do more charity, staged photo of himself helping….
  • Work with govts that are controversial, in Nigeria and etc
  • Joeph Gobbeld
  • National Security has been abused a lot
  • Persuasion has been around for many centuries, propaganda shapes your world you view, propagate faith, (Catholic Church)à international affairs, NS policy
  • wwI- crisis of empires
  • colonization
  • wabblies  industrial workers of the world
  • states grow stronger in times of war..war is the health of the state?? Polyarchy
  • Jefferson civil rights and liberties for all?
  • Philosopher kings…democracy has problems
  • Indigenous peoples democratic for the most part
  • Elitist interpretation of democracy
  • Market candidates the same way you market products
  • Berneys
  • Buy and be happy
  • More production and less consumption, try to fix the problem by convincing them to buy things
  • Ads about items
  • Ads and human needs- Bernays
  • Take NS techniques and use them to sell things, eg Women smoking
  • How do we get happiness, to what extent do material things make us happy?
  • Target lowerclasses
  • The American Dream
  • Black Friday
  • Does equal opportunity really exist in the USA
  • Are the poor because of their own doing? Capitalism creates wealth

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