ALI,LIZ,ARIEL, ILKA, MIKE, SUZANNE, SARAH, STEPHANIE, KATHRYN….why I chose to remix them like this.

ALI- All of the pictures she chose show multiples of people doing things. She chose simple images of vast expanses of cool color and I tried to replicate this.

LIZ- All of her images showed things that feel soft like bunnies and a couple seated on a couch. Everything  had cozy and warm feelings reflected in them. Also an element of childhood innocence and imaginary world.

ARIEL-Her images showed visual distance, picturesque landscapes and depth…even the lions main. So I tried to make her portrait picturesque using typical fall leaves. I didn’t try to create distance though.

ILKA-likes repeated patterns and her images had an element of quirkiness. I tried to replicate the quirkiness in by adding the yellow lines and repeating her funny expression. Then I added an obvious pattern to try and connect the whole piece.

MIKE- From class discussions and his choice of images, I think he likes simplicity in his art work. Every thing he chose has simple clean lines and was very flat. So in his piece, I kept things simple, kept the colors cool. I don’t know why I added the birds, I just wanted to add something interesting instead of a boring portrait.

SUZANNE- chose images that show lots of various, planes, segments, and geometry. She chose both warm and cool colors. It made sense for me to add lots of geometric shapes and to poster-ize her image so that the elements that I found in her images come through.

SARAH- I think she likes things that are striking, complex, vibrant yet beautiful. I tried to play around with brushes and colors that I  think express this.

STEPHANIE- chose images that are forms of street art, vibrancy and that remind me of the 90s culture. I tried to simplify her image and play around with the schematic street and pop art elements. She seems like some one who likes pascal colors and that is why I did this.

KATHRYN- blends a lot of her colors and likes to use light, transparent, pascal layers in her work. She chose images of the sea among other things.  I though it would be interesting to blend her portrait into the sea.


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