Do you know what the Dominican Republic Flag looks like?

According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Dominican Republic flag represent the following:

White – peace and honesty
Red – hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
Blue – vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
All Flag pictures depict flags flying, from the viewer’s point of view, from left to right

Haiti and the Dominican Republic comprise the Island of Hispaniola

The Dominican Republic was briefly occupied by Haiti (1820-44)
The flag was designed by the leader of the Trinitarians who altered the layout of the blue and red of the Haitian flag and placed a large white cross over it to symbolize faith
The Dominican Republic Coat of Arms emblem depicts an open bible, a cross of gold, four Dominican flags and two spears, there are branches of olive and palm around the shield
The Dominican Republic Flag was adopted November 6, 1844

Founding Fathers-

Dominican Republic Founding Fathers


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