Who were the Mirabal Sisters?

Patria Mercedes Mirabal born February 27th 1924 to November 25th 1960
Minerva Argentina Mirabal born March 12th 1926 to November 25th 1960
Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabal born October 15th 1935 to November 25th 1960

The Mirabal SistersAll 3 sisters were natives of the Dominican Republic and were fevently opposed to the cruel dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. There is a fourth sister who is alive today and her name is Beglica  Adela Dede Mirabal-Reyes, known as Dede.  She did not have an active role in working against the dictator, Trujillo. The tale of the Mirabal sisters is an ongoing legacy of bravery and compassion in order to save the lives of many many people in the Dominican Republic.  They defied the flow of conformity and stood out as National Heroines.

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