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My thoughts on Psywar…

This week we watched a film in class called Psywar. In this post I will attempt to tell you what the film was about (as I have posted my class notes in the previous blog), however, I  think it is important to discuss some of the ideas and topics that were explored in it. As a government major, it is impossible for me to go through my courses without constantly revisiting the idea that corruption, propaganda and hypocrisy is used by most governments, (including the US’s) as an attempt to make people think a certain way and to cover up the unethical government motives. Though I learned many new things by watching Psywar, I was not really shocked by the topics and ideas that they covered. Instead, I was more shocked that people in my class were shocked and highly distressed by the idea of the media selling them twisted truths and half lies.

Our professor, asked us how watching Psywar could possibly be relevant to art; or more specifically, digital media and culture.

Well, Psywar uncovers how media has been used to sell ideas to the public e.g. Iraq 2003 was a good idea and is a retaliation to Sept 11. The media uses many visual element to communicate with us. Increasingly, public relations firms are using art to speak to the masses. This makes sense because art can be used to provoke certain emotions in us. In addition, digital technology is developing at an incredible rate and we, (the future leaders of the world) are quickly learning how to manipulate it and use it to suit the needs of our daily life. We all need it and rely on it. From it, we have access to much information.

This reminds me of one of my earlier posts about media.  You can’t trust everything, so listen to more than one source.