My German Friend Hans and his love for Zimbabwean Sculpture

Hans Hubert is a wonderful German man who has been annually visiting Zimbabwe and promoting Zimbabwean Contemporary Sculpture and artists. He is a collector who has been good friends with prominent writers, curators and supporters of art; such as Celia Winter Irving, Tom Blomefield and the like.  I met him in the summer of 2009 when I returned home to do my Tanner Fellowship research on Zimbabwean sculpture.

When Hans found out about my research, he was more than happy to take me to a couple of sculpture centers and introduce me to some prominent artists who I would have never met on my own. Long after I returned to the USA, Hans read through my paper a few times. I was so honored that this established art collector would take the time to call me all the way from Germany to discuss my 40 page paper with me.

A few weeks ago, he emailed me and told me about Zimbabwean Sculpture exhibitions that he had been involved in within Germany.

Here is the link to some of the artwork that has recently been on exhibit.


One thought on “My German Friend Hans and his love for Zimbabwean Sculpture

  1. Hi Tanda!

    I wanted to let you know, firstly, that I have moved your work area to the “wood shop.” I am not yet done moving and dismantling things. You will soon (this week, god willing) have more space. But this will give you privacy. Also, I think it would be nice for you to ask Dane for an easel or two as well in the event that you will be making some small paintings. I am finally putting in orders for smallish panels for you to paint on.

    Secondly, looking for information on Huebert, I found an old page from Goshen College on some work that he brought there. It had been taken down, but I found in on the archive. It is here:

    I am wondering if we should approach the department about bringing him come to campus to do a joint talk with you for the spring? You may want to discuss this with Obiora first. This might be something to bring up at our meeting him on … when is this??

    Also, I want to remind you that I think we should approach the department SOON about the additional money to get you to Zimbabwe over winter break. I would like for you to write up something about what you will be doing. We have a departmental meeting soon… maybe next week?

    Lastly, I am going to create a feed for your blog, the way that I have for my course blogs. This way people can subscribe to your blog and receive email alerts when you post new content. I will write when I do that momentarily.

    Have a happy day today!!!
    BEAUTIFUL! PERFECT DAY!!! xoxoxo love love !

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