A Great Poet Comes to campus…

Most African countries are celebrating 50 years of Independence this year. One of the ways in which St. Lawrence is honoring this is by bringing renown African Speakers such Gabriel Okara.  I was so honored to hear him recite in person, the same poems I had learnt as a literature student in high school.

Four years ago, as I sat in my bottle green Chisi skirt listening to Mrs. M talk about the significance of Okara’s literature, I never dreamed that I would one day meet him in person.  As the near 90 year old man slowly recited his art, with a calm monotone voice; I wondered if he would have spoken with more vigor had he performed twenty years before. I realized that the over energetic ‘Piano and Drum’ lines that I yelled out in front of all of my classmates were probably not presented in the same manner that the poet had intended.

Either way, today I consider myself extremely blessed to have met him in person. I felt like I had met Mandela!

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