Summer Work: Linking the past to the present

This past Summer I recieved a SLU Fellowship which enabled me to do something I absolutely love- Painting! The theme for the body of work which I created was ‘Life Cycles: A study of Inter-cultural Progression through Painting.’

I believe that life is a never ending cycle. The cycle includes the constant birth of innovative thoughts and new manifestations of human selfishness. It includes solid social constructions melting out of fashion and the death of all things noble and notorious. My work is an analysis of the myths and truths that repeat themselves in the cycles that directly affect my life. Through it I question the comfortable idea of permanence, the brutality of time and man’s recklessness with power.

Most of my work is inspired by photographs of landscape that I have taken. My photographs often give me a sense of nostalgia as I remember specific details surrounding the still images.

Here is some of the work I produced.

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