More Artrage…Transcending Reality?

Excerpt from SLU Fellows paper:

Every black Zimbabweans have a family mutupo. The closest English word that describes it is a family totem. This is usually an animal connected to one’s family name that should never be killed or eaten by that family. The mutupo emerged as a way of identifying family clans and avoiding incest. This is because one is not allowed to marry a person with the same mutupo. As a child, I never questioned this tradition and I embraced it to the extent that I could. Recently, I have begun to wonder if it conflicts with Christianity and why it is still relevant today. Despite all of this I accept my family mutupo which is a Baboon or monkey.  During important family gatherings, whenever somebody is thanking my father, the baboon/monkey is referred to. I thought it would be interesting to add imagery of these animals in my work as a way of referencing the generational cycle that has occurred between my grandfather, my father and I. One thing we all have in common is our mutupo.

As I visually researched baboons and monkeys, I soon began to think of the Zimbabwean Shona childhood stories that I had heard.[20] The most common ones involved an older Baboon character that was not very smart, and a youthful conniving hare. These stories had been handed down to me orally; however, I lamented the fact that as a child I never had a chance to read about them in text books. Nor were they discussed in my literature classes in high school. I know that I will not be able to hand down these stories to my children because I only vaguely remember a couple of them.


2 thoughts on “More Artrage…Transcending Reality?

  1. I love both of your transcending reality pieces…and I was just wondering how you created the city skyline in the background because I think it works really well with both of your pieces…it blends nicely but you are still able to make out the industrialization of the city and how it compares to the monkeys…I also really like the background color choice in this specific piece 🙂

  2. Hey Stephanie!

    Thanks! All I did was that after I was done with the monkey, I added another layer. To this layer I uploaded a tracing image of the skyline. On the same panel where you can choose how much opacity you want I chose to change the image into paint. Afterwards I changed the opacity so that it looks faded.

    Does that make sense at all!?! If not I can quickly show you in class tomorrow. It took me a few minutes to do. 🙂

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