More Artrage…. What is Transcending Reality?

This Artrage piece was in done with the theme ‘Transcending Reality” in mind. The thing I love about such open ended themes is that you can interpret them in so many ways. Whose reality are we talking about? Why are we transcending that reality? Do we as individuals have the ability to transcend reality?

I must admit, I did not spend nearly as much time as I would have loved to with this image,  BUT I do have an excuse. Artrage crashed on me twice, hence, I found myself with 45 minutes to complete an assignment even though I had started it 2 hours prior. Afterwards the program refused to save my image. Thankfully, the wonderful lab assistant came to my rescue and showed me other ways of saving my work from Artrage.  Thank God for techy assistants who stick around the lab until midnight. 🙂

So you may now be wondering, how does this peace relate to the theme of  “transcending reality”?  Since the summer, I have began to use baboon/monkey imagery to symbolize my ancestral heritage and Mutupo (family identification animal). This baboon is walking into a concrete jungle. Hence, heritage is merging with modernity. This transcends reality, because in reality modernity has come at the cost of heritage.

I am open to critiques!

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