I love Artrage because I can do this with Michael's face…

I have a vision book. In that vision book are lists of things I want to accomplish before specific landmark years. One of those lists is a list of 7 people I want to meet before I do. Until last year, Michael Jackson was number 3 on my list. Now he is dead, and hopefully in Heaven.

7 Reasons why I love Michael Jackson:

  1. He truly was the man of the millennium! He had to be. Everyone knew him from Gaza to Guatemala, Perth to Peru. You can’t say that about any other musician.
  2. His music was mostly clean in content. Come on…who can get offended with  “heal the world…or Thriller..
  3. He has a typical rags to riches story. I love stories like that!
  4. He is a genius musician with a great voice. He was the Einstein of music.
  5. He kept starting dance revolutions that keep inspiring people like Justin Timberlake and many others.
  6. He used his money for good and not evil!
  7. He was just an awesome soft spoken human being.

Now, I am looking for a replacement for the list in my book.

Any suggestions…

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