Are we getting brainwashed? A Response to SPIN.

The documentary SPIN is a great film that reveals ways in which TV has been used to distort truth and manipulate viewers. We are exposed to unseen footage that was not available to the public, and through this we see hypocrisy and unfair play.

Before watching SPIN I was critical of news media anyway. I have grown to know that every news channel is biased and that there is no such thing as neutral news. Somewhere out there somebody made a decision about what extent of the truth you would see. As a result I have always tried to maintain a small balance  by listening to multiple information channels. The documentary SPIN confirmed many of the suspicions I already had in regards to news media. Therefore, even though I was not surprised by the way politicians manipulated people through the media, I was still shocked by what specific significant people said when they thought no body was watching.

It must be noted that I am not the type of person who believes wacky global conspiracy theories. Some of these theories I am referring to include myths about how the US government planned 9/11. I am merely saying that I believe that media in general has the ability to make people think a certain way. With that said, much truth and positive things can come out of the media. Hence, not everything we hear is a big lie and an attempt to control our mind.

In the USA, people are not skeptical enough about the news media. Too many people allow channels like CNN to paint a specific image of the world.  Newsreels of filtered information run across the screens as fabricated images flash before us.  Not enough people realize that these channels are owned by large interest groups who will do anything to ensure that their interests are kept safe, even at that expense of whole truth and fair analysis. Notice I do not think that all people rely on these media channels. Increasingly, many people are aware that we often do not see the full picture.

If you have the ability to read this blog, nobody can brainwash you unless you allow it. There are many resources that are easily accessible today. Try to get at least two sides of the story by exposing yourself to news media outside of Google news and CNN. Be aware that there are people trying to make you think in a certain way, but don’t become paranoid.

Classical example of media control and not speaking the whole truth : Why are we not talking about IRAQ?


2 thoughts on “Are we getting brainwashed? A Response to SPIN.

  1. Tanda,
    You speak truth. And I completely agree. Notwithstanding, from a purely philosophical standpoint, I think what you say is not very pragmatic. First and foremost, you and I must recognize that there are no objectivities. There only are subjectivities in this world. And so, whatever the source of information, bias is inevitable. Whether you combine multiple sources, or lean on an individual source, the perspective acquired is inevitably biased. For every journalist, and every reporter, will communicate a piece of news based on their vantage point, whether as an individual or as a media corporation. For example, every time Press TV reports on the West, the reports are laden with negativity. Because their institutions oppose everything Western civilization stands for.
    And so, while I do agree that obtaining information from different news channels is helpful in helping provide a more “objective” outlook on the reality of our world, I do not think we can circumvent the subjectivity transmitted through news media.

    Great work Tanda!

  2. Donald,

    Thanks for your comment. It is true, there only are subjectives in the world. In the mean time I hope that we all manage to get a glimpse of the truth along the way.

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